A good ethos evolves over time and reflects the individuality of the population of the school. The population of any school reaches beyond the students to include their families, the local community, staff, Board of Management and ancillary services associated with the school.

Our vision is to provide an environment that is exciting, stimulating, enjoyable and caring at all times. Central to this is the provision of an excellent quality of education based on the individual needs of each student. We support this aim by trying to provide facilities and resources of the highest possible standards.

We believe that parents should be as fully involved as possible in the education of their children and we operate an open door policy where parents are very welcome to visit the school to discuss their child’s progress. School and home are the two major focal points in any child’s life and it is important that both work closely together for the benefit of the child.

Neighbouring schools have welcomed us and have been very supportive. The concept of integration and inclusion is shared by all and many imaginative programmes have begun whereby the students of local schools and Our Lady of Good Counsel School meet regularly. We will continue to work together to expand on these links.

The school has a commitment to all staff working here and the provision of a positive, stimulating, safe working environment will always be a high priority. A motivated, confident staff will go a long way towards having motivated, confident children.

In conclusion, Our Lady of Good Counsel School has the same aims and objectives as those of every school, which is to promote the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, physical and sensorial development of each child, maintaining and respecting their rights and dignity at all times.

The school follows the practices and procedures as listed in the Equal Status Act 2000 and does not discriminate on the nine grounds identified in this act, namely; gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race and member of the traveller community.



Our Lady of Good Counsel School,
Innishmore, Ballincollig,
Co. Cork.

T 021 4878370.

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