Department of Education Special National School
Designation: Moderate Learning Disability

Under the Patronage of the Brothers of Charity Southern Services

Managed by a Voluntary Board of Management comprising of two patron’s nominees, two community members, two teaching representatives and two parent representatives

Principal – The Principal is appointed by the Board of Management. The role of the Principal is outlined in NCSE 2000 Guidelines.

11 Full-Time Class Teachers funded directly by the DES

Specialist Part- time Teachers funded by the E.T.B, Special Ed. Dept or Board of Management.

Horticulture – 1 Day

Art – 1 Day

Dance – 1 Day

PE – 3.5 Days

Cookery and Life-Skills – 3.5 Days.

21.66 Special Needs Assistants, Secretary, Cleaning and Maintenance Staff, Bus Driver, Bus Escorts

OlGC School is supported by a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) provided by the Brothers of Charity.

The MDT operate in collaboration with Teachers and Parents of pupils in OLGC School.

Not all pupils require input from every member of the MDT, therefore a referral system allows the team to screen pupils in order of priority.

Parents and Teachers may make a referral to one discipline (uni-disciplinary referral) if they are targeting a specific area, eg. communication needs, sensory needs.

In some cases input from 2 or more disciplines is required; parents and teachers may make a multi- disciplinary referral to target a more complex issue.

Referral forms are available from the Class Teacher or from the school office on request.

Teachers link with parents prior to making a referral request, and parents must consent to the referral by signing the documentation.

Current provision of hours per week for the school year 2019/2020  is as follows and may be subject to change;

Speech and Language Therapy- 4 days.

Occupational Therapy- 1.5 days

Physiotherapy- 1.5 days

Psychology -1 day.

Social Work- No direct allocation, on referral basis only.



Our Lady of Good Counsel School,
Innishmore, Ballincollig,
Co. Cork.

T 021 4878370.

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