It is with great pleasure that I take on the role of Principal Our Lady of Good Counsel Special School. There is a strong tradition of learning, creativity and achievement in the school and I will strive to continue to uphold these core principles.

I have spent the past 22 years in education- 20 of those years spent as a teacher in O.L.G.C. School. All this time, I have been implementing and embracing the changes that have been taking place in Irish Special Education System. It is a very dynamic and exciting time, where school evaluation and refelction is an integral part of school life. This year sees our first cohort of pupils enter the Junior Cycle level 1 programme. Our junior pupils are currently engaging with the Aistear Programme. Our transition year pupils are preparing to enter Adult Education Services, and a work experience programme is being piloted.

“Our Lady of Good Counsel Special School is a vibrant and thriving school community where the principal, staff, and external professionals work closely together to achieve high standards in a supportive and caring environment.” DES Inspector’s Report 2016

A very positive attitude to school is displayed by pupils at all levels of the school. O.L.G.C. School have a “Fun Policy” ratified by the B.O.M. in 2016. This Policy aims to prioritise pupils wellbeing and happiness along their journey through education.

The teaching staff and SNA’s are truly dedicated- I have the privilege of working alongside many of the current staff over the last 20years. Their experience, knowledge and understanding provides a firm foundation upon which new staff can confidently introduce dynamic, innovative and exciting ideas. The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), working hand in hand with parents and teachers, is a vital support to the holistic development of the pupil.

Parental involvement is crucial to the smooth running of OLGC School; children see their parental investment and involvement in school life. We appreciate that parents are juggling the demands of busy routines with school going children, however we hope that more parents will actively support each-other and the school through involvement in the Parents Association. “ Ní neart go chur le chéile”

My role, as Principal is to ensure that your child is getting the best education possible as well as ensuring health and safety is prioritised at all times. I believe that we are partners working together towards the same goal. I believe in respectful dialogue with pupils, parents and staff; with the wellbeing of each child at the centre of everything we do.

To accommodate this, the following procedures are being implemented in school:

  • Supervision of children begins at 9.10am.
  • Visitor access has to come through the main school door. Visitors are encouraged to wait in lobby area, as we are sensitive to visitors encroaching on pedagogical areas and learning environments.
  • Meetings with teachers are scheduled through the office or home school notebook. Teachers are more than willing to meet with parents, but generally are not available for incidental meetings without prior appointment. Sometimes, a phone conversation might be more convenient, this can be arranged through the office or by note.
  • Meetings with the Principal can be arranged similarly through the office. (I may not be available to answer every phone call but I will return your call at the earliest opportunity).

And finally, on a personal note; I have learned so much from the wonderful pupils, parents and colleagues of OLGC School over the last 20 years, I will endeavour to evolve and progress with the demands of the role. I realise the enormity of the task that I have undertaken, and I deeply appreciate your support and kindness, as I embark on this voyage. In 2018/2019 we hope to see the school embrace the JC1 Programme, build our Spraoi Track, develop our strengths, and learn from our mistakes as we set sail!

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
William Butler Yeats



Our Lady of Good Counsel School,
Innishmore, Ballincollig,
Co. Cork.

T 021 4878370.
E office@olgcschool.ie

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